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Preferred partner for Probioceuticals research and manufacturing
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Through its modern development and manufacturing facilities and a dedicated team of Project Managers, R&D and manufacturing personnel, Tablets India offers a comprehensive contract services along with stability study activities. We consider every project as a privilege and our team will ensure an efficient and unparalleled outsourcing experience.

Services Offered:

Contract Manufacturing

We are the preferred manufacturing partner of leading global nutraceutical / probiotic companies for South East Asian markets. We manufacture products for leading Indian and Overseas companies at our state-of-the-art manufacturing and research facilities using “Japanese technology” and rigid process engineering and controls. 

We manufacture products in the form of capsules, capsule in capsule, sachets, sachet in a sachet, HTS stick packs, oral dispersible tablets, tablets, lozenges, dry syrup, drops, vials, liquids, small volume and large volume parenteral.

Contract Packaging

In terms of flexibility of packaging, we currently have primary packaging done in Alu-Alu blisters, HTS stick packs, Blisters, Aluminum Strips, Bottles (Plastic/Glass), Aluminum Canisters with moisture sieve cap, Special canisters with desiccant coating, Pillow wrap (i.e. Additional protection after blistering) etc. 

Bulk Packaging of any dosage form can also be carried out based on the client’s requirement.

Contract R&D

Being the pioneers in the field of Probiotics & nutraceuticals, TIL is at the forefront of research & development in India with a full-fledged R&D wing which has innovated various “1st time in the World” dosage forms in Probiotics & Nutraceuticals.

Our R&D is currently handling probiotic strains which are very sensitive to humidity and often due to nature of the strain, its efficacy is lost during production processes. With years of R&D work & experience, we have been able to set up several process control measures which are “Probiotic friendly” which help these microbes to go through the entire chain of production process without losing the efficacy, resulting in desired label claim until end of shelf life.