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Tablets (India) Limited was one of the early pharma ventures in India and was founded in 1938 by Mr Sri Krishna Jhaver.

He ventured into the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry with the acquisition of Oakley & Bowden, a British owned Company based in Chennai, India.This company was principally established to cater to the healthcare needs of Colonial British and was renamed as Tablets (India) Limited by Mr Sri Krishna Jhaver.

Today ‘Tablets (India) Limited’ works towards universal healthcare through unique and well documented products in Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals and is recognized as a pioneer in Amino Acids and Probiotics therapy.

Domestic Health Care formulations Business

5 Divisions

Institutional Business

TILCARE Division

Animal Health Business

TIL Biosciences Division

Sports Nutrition Business

BioBodyfuelz Division

Private Label Manufacturing Business

Co-Marketing Division
R.K Jhaver
R.K Jhaver
Bharat Jhaver
Bharat Jhaver

Message from the
Corporate Desk

Since its inception in 1938, Tablets India has strived to accomplish its vision of providing
“Quality healthcare for all”.

This vision has enabled the company to collaborate with leading global pharma companies for unique concepts and innovative newer formulations to promote good health for the needy at affordable costs.

Tablets India takes immense pride that it has spearheaded the creation of various therapeutic segments in the areas of amino acids, probiotics and GI lavage preparations, where the company holds leadership positions in India.

An all-encompassing corporate culture which is built on a common set of values, enables the company to conduct business and fulfill its responsibility to the society at large.

At Tablets India, employees are encouraged to work with ownership and pinnacle their capabilities to the optimum.

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