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Probiotics for Diabetes

Tablets India ltd | May 28, 2024
Role of Probiotic In Improving Immunity


is a prevalent health issue that requires careful management, especially among geriatrics and patients with cardiovascular diseases. One supplement that stands out in addressing the specific needs of these individuals is Bifilac Activ. Let's explore the reasons why Bifilac Activ is considered to be the ideal supplement for this demographic.

Firstly, Bifilac Activ contains probiotics that help restore flora and modulate glucose metabolism, addressing insulin resistance and glucose homeostasis issues. 

Bifilac Activ

Secondly, colonic microbiota undergoes age-related changes, leading to a decline in Bifidobacteria levels. Bifilac Activ plays a crucial role in boosting the Bifidobacterium count, addressing this age-related decline.

Altered gut flora can lead to issues such as reduced gut motility and constipation. Bifilac Activ's probiotics aid in regulating gut motility, which is particularly beneficial for diabetic patients with altered bowel movements due to autonomic neuropathy.


Bifilac Activ is essential for counteracting the gastrointestinal discomfort induced by antidiabetic medications. These are known to cause B12 deficiency in a few diabetic patients and Bifilac Activ helps to produce Vitamin B complex and hence it is useful to improve the Vitamin B complex levels.

Additionally, the supplement contains components like Alpha lipoic acid(ALA), Methylcobalamin and Inositol that protect against nerve damage caused by oxidative stress and hyperglycaemia, that are common factors in diabetic neuropathy. 

Therefore, Bifilac Activ is instrumental in strengthening immunity, improving nutritional status, and minimizing the side effects of medications, making it a comprehensive supplement for geriatrics, diabetics, and individuals with cardiovascular diseases.

In conclusion, the benefits of taking Bifilac Activ are numerous, including restoring intestinal flora, regulating gut motility, helping reduce blood sugar levels and inflammation, normalizing bowel movements, reducing cholesterol levels, and thus delaying micro and macro vascular complications. With its wide-ranging positive effects, Bifilac Activ stands as an essential supplement for individuals dealing with diabetes and related conditions.

Disclaimer: Kindly consult your healthcare professional