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Frost & Sullivan Award 2023 – Tablets India ltd

Tablets India ltd | Dec 11, 2023
Role of Probiotic In Improving Immunity

Pioneering Probiotic Solutions for Comprehensive Health Benefits

Research in the microbiome field has highlighted the critical role of probiotics in supporting various aspects of human health, including gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and mental health, as well as metabolism and nutrition. Tablets India has been at the forefront of this research, developing innovative probiotic solutions targeting specific health concerns, such as women’s health digestive wellness, and others.

Our focus on R&D and unique formulations has led to the launch of several successful products, establishing them as market leaders. The company’s holistic approach to product development includes strain-specific research, ensuring the efficacy and superior performance of our products.

Innovative Product Development Meeting Evolving Health Needs

Tablets India's product range is diverse, including dry syrups, lozenges, and unique delivery platforms like sachet-in-sachet and capsule-in-capsule systems. our latest launch, Tummysoft-AD, is India’s first digestive-specific probiotic combined with digestive enzymes in a mouth-melt formulation. Such innovations reflect Tablets India’s commitment to addressing evolving customer needs.

Bifilac, our flagship product, has remained one of India’s top-selling probiotics. The introduction of Bifilac Clausi, a 100% Made in India Bacillus clausii probiotic, marks a significant achievement in self-reliance and innovation.

Strong Market Position with a Focus on Collaborative Growth

The Indian probiotics market is competitive, yet Tablets India has distinguished itself through its evidence-based approach and development of strain-specific probiotics. Collaborations with global leaders in the probiotics space have bolstered our market position. Our transparent communication and customized solutions approach has been key in maintaining and acquiring new partnerships.

Future Outlook: Expanding Horizons in Probiotic Solutions

Looking ahead, Tablets India is poised for further growth. With a focus on developing easy-to-consume and effective probiotic products, we are set to introduce several first-in-India formulations. Our continuous innovation and robust product pipeline position us as a dynamic and forward-thinking leader in the probiotic industry in India.

Conclusion: A Leader in Probiotic Innovation

In conclusion, Tablets India's array of innovative probiotic solutions, targeting various health concerns and physiological functions, exemplifies our leadership in the industry. our success in developing market-leading probiotic products and earning Frost & Sullivan’s 2023 India Product Leadership Award showcases our unwavering commitment to advancing health and wellness through probiotics.