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5 things to look out for while choosing your probiotic

Tablets India Ltd | Feb 04, 2023
Role of Probiotic In Improving Immunity

1. Manufacturer

Not all probiotic products available on the shelf of the market can be touted to provide health benefits as the live micro-organisms of the product should be present in adequate amounts. To ensure you are purchasing a good quality probiotic, read about the manufacturers, and that the product is backed up by scientific research. A qualitative and quantitative study conducted by IIT Madras confers the superiority of Tablet India Ltd’s Bacillus Clausii as it contains pure strains in adequate quantity to offer health benefits

2. Genus, species, and strain

A good manufacturer of the probiotic identifies the strain using Genus, species, sub-species, and the alphanumeric strain.Tablet India Ltd’s Bacillus Clausii provides superior quality Probiotics using Poly antibiotic-tolerant strains of Bacillus clausii 19T, 21C, 28S, and 30R. 

3. Colony Forming Unit

It is desirable to choose a probiotic with a minimum of 1 billion CFUs. Colony Forming Units are the number of sustainable bacteria in the supplement/product. we are offering 2 billion and 4 billion CFU supplements of Poly antibiotic tolerant strains of Bacillus clausii per 5 ml of the vial. 

4. Durability

The durability of probiotics is the survival of the strains during the transit through the acidic medium of the stomach’s digestive juice. The combination of 4 strains of Bacillus clausii offered by we makes it effective as it survives the transit to the intestine to provide health benefits. 

5. Storage condition

The storage condition of the probiotic is crucial to its quality. Extreme temperatures make the supplement unviable and offer no health benefits. The probiotic supplement offered by Tablets India Ltd. is shelf-stable throughout its shelf life period. Consult your healthcare provider before taking supplements. And to get the optimum benefit of probiotic supplements always ensure to eat well-balanced meals and follow a healthy lifestyle.