TIL Biosciences

TIL Biosciences, a Division of Tablets (India) Ltd, is an Animal Health Division with comprises Aquaculture and Pet Care range of products.

TIL Biosciences manufactures and markets unique products which cater to the development of healthy animals. These products are manufactured using Japanese technology and its usage in the Indian Shrimp market has been well documented through field trials conducted in collaboration with the ‘Aquaculture Federation of India’ (AFI).

 TIL Biosciences has successfully introduced a multi-purpose broad spectrum feed Probiotic supplement in the brand name ECOFORCE, the only Probiotic in India with registered bacterial strains in technical collaboration with TOA Pharmaceuticals, Japan.

Besides, TIL Bioscience also provides a wide range of Aquaculture products which are useful in varied needs of the farmers namely:

  • Exorich – A moult Inducer and a sensational stress reliever
  • Ecotrax – Water, soil Probiotic which optimizes water quality and restricts growth of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Ecotoxinil – Soil Conditioner that helps restore pond ecosystem by reducing sludge.
  • MFA (multi functional feed attractant) which serves as a feed binder
  • Rhodomax – a unicellular force useful in increasing fish production
  • Bloomax – improves water conditions for aquaculture
  • Extramin – a supplement with essential minerals and lysine.

TIL Biosciences also has Pet Care range of products for small pets and their off-spring’s. These products are manufactured, marketed and promoted for the general well being of pets and their healthy growth.

 Pet Product Range would include:

  • Pet Glow Drops – a nutritional supplement with Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals for general well being and growth of pups, kittens and birds and also improves vision & skin/coat in these small animals.
  • Pet Glow Syrup – a nutritional supplement for adult dogs and cats that contains Essential Amino Acids with vitamins. This product augments adult pets immunity and protects against infection and major illness.
  • Hapetize – A unique herbal appetite stimulant that promotes pets digestion and growth.
  • Livepep – Essential Amino Acid with Choline and Vitamins which protects the liver of pets.
  • Vilapet – This provides high source of vitamins and all vital nutrients for a healthy metabolism of pets.
  • Calbonz – a calcium supplement for pets which contains Calcium Lactate and fortified with Essential Amino Acids and Vit D3. This product ensures strong and healthy bones & teeth in all pets.