About Us

Tablets India is the Flagship Company of the closely held JHAVER GROUP and is fully managed by a team of highly accomplished professionals across various functions in the organization.

The Company operates through five Business Divisions namely

Domestic Health Care formulations Business
(3 Divisions)
Institutional Business
(TILCARE Division)
Animal Health Business
(TIL Biosciences Division)
Sports Nutrition Business
(BioBodyfuelz Division)
International Business
(Export Division)

TIL enjoys substantial market share in its chosen therapeutic segments like


GI Lavage

Nutraceutical Supplements

Fertility support

Respiratory Medicine


Patented Phytochemical combinations


Being a flagship division of TIL, Pharma Division markets branded formulations in the domestic market through a well-trained field force of around 600 personnel.

A specialty Division of TIL which was launched in the year 2008, Vibranz is highly focused on marketing specific and unique products that are market leaders

Launched in 2012 in Tamil Nadu, Tabzen is the youngest Division of TIL, and has a vision “Health for all” that reaches out to the rural market, the life-line of India.

Healthcare scenario in India is undergoing a profound change. From the days of being a public / charity funded activity, Healthcare has become an industry by itself.

TIL Biosciences, a Division of Tablets (India) Ltd, is an Animal Health Division which comprises Aquaculture and Pet Care range of products.

BODYFUELZ is one of India’s pioneering efforts in Sports and Performance Nutrition. Our Performance Nutrition products are based on the revolutionary concept

International Collaboration




Himachal Pradesh

TIL quality benchmark is achieved by strict adherence to the following:

  • Well-designed cGMP/ ISO compliant QMS to ensure quality right the first time and every time.
  • Authorised lab for QC tests accredited by Govt certification.
  • Excellent Quality Control parameters followed.
  • World Class Quality Assurance that approves and reviews procedures for every activity/ process that has a bearing on quality.
  • Maintains master procedure of SOP, Qualification, Validation, CCP and DDC. Also ensures compliance to regulatory needs.


TIL is an ISO 9001 Company

Recipient of the GMP certificate on the lines specified by the WHO

Recipient of the meritorious Udyog Rattan Award from the President of India

Recipient of the International Business Excellence award from the Union Minister of Health(IN)

Member – Board of Directors of ISPEN (Indian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition)

Recipient of ‘World Quality Commitment Award’ – Gold Category in Paris

Leading Healthcare Company for bringing in “Probiotic Revolution in India” – International Biographical Center, England.

Recipient of best ‘Indian Pharma Alliance -2010’

Recipient of ‘Medical Excellence Award – TOA’ in March 2011.

Recipient of ‘Frost & Sullivan’ Award – the first and only Pharmaceutical Company to be recognised for innovation in the field of Probiotics and Nutraceuticals in 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is an integral part of TIL’s Business Vision. We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is not an obligation but an opportunity to serve.