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Marketing & Distribution

Medical Services & Medico Marketing

Experienced Medical Doctors on board support TIL businesses. Under their guidance and support, TIL has launched many brands with unique and authentic reports which make our brands stand tall with in the market of “Evidence based Medicine”.

Medical Services do not end here. Ongoing clinical trials for our brands in Post Marketing Surveillance, expanding indications through interaction with customers, new brands identification through data mining and helping marketing team in providing support as and when it is required during Sales Meeting, are to name a few.

TIL has Doctors on board to train the field and Marketing staff who join the organisation. This will include right from senior managers to the field staff.

Medico Marketing:

A unique service of TIL, deserves a very special mention here. Translating the medical evidence and benefits to the marketing ideas requires a special talent. This team provides such exceptional insight to the marketing team. Coordination with Medical and Marketing teams makes this team an integral part of the system which is truly indispensable.