BODYFUELZ is India’s pioneers in Sports and Performance Nutrition. Our Performance Nutrition products are based on the revolutionary concept of Amino nutrition, and BODYFUELZ is scientifically backed by ‘Dr. Nutrition’, a Singapore based Sports & Fitness Nutrition Consulting Company.

Since 2004 BODYFUELZ has been helping Sports players, Endurance athletes, Professional Body Builders and Fitness Enthusiasts to reach their fitness and peak performance goals via diet and sports nutrition.

BODYFUELZ products have contributed to 2 Guinness world records and an Olympic medal.

Our sports nutrition products are free from banned substances and are certified by Govt. of India approved testing laboratory.

BODYFUELZ products are being used by trainees from Officers Training Academy, Chennai; Army Sports Institute, Pune; Indian Military Academy, Dehradun; Sports Authority of India, Patiala; Indian Navy, Mumbai and are also recommended by leading Sports Medicine Doctors.

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